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New Organic Candies inspired by healthful fruits

Some of the world's healthiest and most interesting ingredients inspired our new organic hard candies. Here's a look at a few of them:

Pomegranate: This unusual, distinctive fruit is low in calories, high in fiber and high in vitamins and phytochemicals that may promote heart health and help prevent cancer. Learn more about Pomegranate candies

Mango Mint: Delicious and versatile, the mango contains a high level of dietary fiber, pectin, antioxidants and vitamin C. It can lower cholesterol, improve concentration and memory and prevent cancer and heart disease. Learn more about Mango Mint candies

Ginger: This powerful herb is also linked to cancer prevention. It can alleviate morning sickness and motion sickness. It's been used as a health remedy for generations, taken either as a supplement or as a tea. Learn more about Ginger candies

Honey Lemon:We combine two flavors synonymous with comfort and well-being for a time-tested sensation that makes you feel good all over! Our organic candies contain neither artificial ingredients nor preservatives. This is just what the doctor ordered - even if you're feeling just fine! Learn more about Honey Lemon candies

May our all-natural new candies inspire you to sample, and benefit from these amazing foods!

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