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Who says a proof of purchase has to be on a piece of paper? Next time you buy something from one of our Britt Shop gift stores, ask for a digital “green receipt.” It’ll give you all the proof you need, without the use of paper or ink.

Upon request, we’ll send you a digital receipt for your purchases by email, rather than printing one out at the checkstand. It’s the latest in our ongoing effort to keep our Earth clean and green for future generations. Here’s a look at what else Britt is doing to GO GREEN:

Yellow halogen fluorescent lamps in our stores reduce electricity use by half. We recently opened a store that uses LED lighting and ecological air conditioning. We’ll evaluate both for future use in all our stores.

We use only plantation-grown melina wood for the store fixtures we build. All store fixtures are of standard colors. This allows us to reuse or rotate display cases from store to store without having to invest in additonal wood, inks, glues and other materials.

Grupo Britt is environmentally certified according to the ISO 14001:2004 international standard. This means that we are proven to have programs and projects in place that make efficient use of natural resources, prevent pollution and reduce our impact on the environment to a minimum.

We’re always looking for new ways to reuse packaging.

The cups we use for coffee sampling are made of 100-percent renewable and compostable materials.

Visit “Go Green” to learn more about our efforts.



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