Gifts Under $50

Gifts Under $50

Christmas is here, and underneath the lights and ridiculous holiday movies, it’s sometimes difficult to remember the real reason for the season: an excuse to indulge in far more calories than is humanly necessary. Don’t worry, Café Britt is here to remind you that although thankfulness and charity are beautiful things, coffee and chocolate are just as beautiful, plus they’re edible. These extravagant gifts will make your loved ones feel like a million bucks—without breaking your bank.

Britt chocolate pyramid mix box

Britt Chocolate Pyramid Mix Box

Do some social climbing this holiday season and put your friends on the top of the chocolate food chain with the Britt’s Chocolate Pyramid Mix Box.

Octogonal chocolate gift ribbon

Octagonal Chocolate Gift

Within this geometrical gift box resides every fruit you’ve ever dreamed of finding covered in chocolate: pineapple, guava, passion fruit, coffee (because coffee counts as a fruit right?) as well as macadamia nuts and cashews.

Exercise your right to choose by selecting a collectable tin and gourmet coffee pairing that will delight your loved ones.


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