Holidays Gift Guide

Give the Gift of Delicious

We all know that buying gifts can be stressful, particularly if they are for colleagues or others whose tastes you don’t know. Our thirty years of experience have taught us that virtually everyone loves coffee and chocolate, making them an easy, no-risk choice.

To make it even more effortless, you can choose from customizable gifts for every budget and style, allowing you to create the perfect present. Just pick a mix of chocolate and coffee, add the recipient's address, and wait to be thanked for your fantastic gift!

•Tarrazú Gourmet coffee •Holiday Blend coffee •Costa Rica jute gift bag

•2 bags of coffee or chocolate •Holiday Duo box

•4 bags of coffee or chocolate •Gift box

•6 bags of coffee or chocolate •Gift box

•1 bag of coffee or chocolate •Tumbler •Holiday Duo box

•2 bags of Breakfast Blend •2-cup French press •Gift box

•7 bags of Province coffees •Jute bag with ox cart design

•4 bags of filled chocolates •Gift box

•9 bags of gourmet coffee (mix and match) •Gift box


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