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At Cafe Britt, we like to celebrate, and what better way is there to commemorate a special occasion than with a specialty coffee blend? Our specialty blends are designed to honor the people, places and culture that have allowed Britt to flourish.

Our Merito line of coffees showcases beans of the highest quality produced by excellent growers. Meritos represent the hard working spirit of the farmers who work tirelessly to grow exceptional beans in a sustainable environment.

Single Origin Specialty Blends celebrate beans grown in one region, or even on one specific farm. One of our latest offerings from this line is the Merito La Cuna grown by the Navarro Valverde family in the famous coffee growing region of Tarrazu. This single lot coffee achieves unrivaled excellence and is only available in limited quantities.

The Merito San Juan is grown at the Micro Beneficio San Juan by a dedicated team of coffee farmers. They are known for their willingness to experiment with different processing techniques. Our Merito San Juan is black honey processed. This means that when processed, the mucilage is left on the bean for 30 days. The unique flavors that result from this labor-intensive process have won numerous awards and are available exclusively from Cafe Britt.

In 2014 we offered the Heritage Blend, a blend originally created for the enjoyment of our staff, to our valued customers so they could join us in celebrating the very best gourmet coffee Costa Rica has to offer. For this Specialty Blend we chose three micro batches, small quantities of coffee milled separately, from small farms in the Central Valley and the Tarrazu region. The medium-dark roasted beans deliver a silky body with strong hints of chocolate.

Britt's 30th Anniversary Specialty Blend combines beans from three different regions of Costa Rica. The diverse flavors and locations in the cup represent the diversity of our company and the growers we work with. Featuring hints of pineapple, cinnamon, honey, and dark chocolate, this blend is a tribute to the outstanding legacy Britt has built over the past thirty years.

Cafe Britt's online business model allows you to order these specialty blends as soon as they become available.

We know that it is only because of you, our loyal customers, that we are able to continue pursuing our passion for excellent coffee. It is our honor to invite you to celebrate the milestones we achieve with us by partaking in one of our Specialty Blends.

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