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About our Peruvian Coffee

When someone mentions the South American country of Peru, it might evoke the famous image of Machu Picchu, but would you ever imagine that in the valleys of this sacred area, gourmet coffee production is thriving? The hard working farmers of Peru have carved out a name for themselves in the coffee world.

Much like the landscape of Costa Rica, Peru’s Andes mountains make it the perfect place to grow Arabica coffee cherries. We work exclusively with coffee co-ops that are incredibly self-sufficient. Growing and harvesting coffee beans on the side of a mountain sounds treacherous, but these farmers have been doing it for generations and thus, they are incredibly skilled at it.

We purchase only the ripest coffee cherries and roast them in Peru before shipping them to your doorstep, so that you don’t have to brave the Machu Picchu trail in order to get your hands on these rare, premium coffees.

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