Merito Organico Villa De Las Flores

Merito Organico Villa De Las Flores


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Mérito Villa de las Flores

Celebrating the success of environmental growing techniques in coffee production

Hidden under tropical mist and thick foliage, is the idyllic Finca Villa de las Flores, a small farm that has been certified organic for over ten years. Don Mario owns a sprawling piece of land in the mountains of Heredia. Don Mario’s number one priority is ensuring the use of the best methods to produce the highest quality coffee possible. This means he is totally committed to using sustainable growing techniques.

Sheep prune the weeds on the property and any waste, such as bean husks, is recycled as fertilizer. The coffee plants are grown under the shade of native fruit trees for protection.

This produces a juicy, sweet and bright red fruit not often found on regular organic farms, where coffee cherries rarely achieve such rosy hues.

The beans used for Merito Villa de las Flores are grown at 4,000 feet above sea level.

It is a yellow-honey processed coffee, meaning that the mucilage was left to dry on the bean for 8 days, preserving its brightest, most unique flavors. The result is a cup with floral aroma and a subtle sweet caramel taste.


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