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Costa Rican Habitat Blend


Costa Rican Organic

Costa Rican Poas whole bean coffee

Costa Rican Poas Tierra Volcanica

Costa Rican Tres Rios whole bean coffee

Costa Rican Tres Rios Valdivia

Peruvian Pachamama ground coffee

Peruvian Pachamama Organic


Guatemala Medium Dark Roast Antigua


Guatemala Medium Dark Roast Atitlan


Costa Rican Medium Roast Guanacaste


Costa Rican Medium Roast Heredia


Costa Rican Medium Roast San Jose


Costa Rican Medium Roast Cartago


Costa Rican Medium Roast Alajuela

Colombian Narino whole bean coffee

Colombian Narino Volcanico

Colombian Pitalito Lamboyano whole bean coffee

Colombian Pitalito Laboyano

Colombian Quimbaya whole bean coffee

Colombian Quimbaya


Peruvian Cajamarca


Medium roast: Aromatic and balanced

As you might assume, medium roast coffee beans are roasted for longer than light roast and less than dark roast. The intensity and duration of the roasting process has a huge impact on the final flavor of the coffee, so it requires a great deal of skill and patience. But time is not the only difference between roasts!

Choosing the appropriate roast for each region’s bean is an art, one that our coffee roasters have refined to excellence in their over 25 years of experience. The best coffee roast allows the natural flavors of the bean to shine, achieving a balance between aroma, acidity, and flavor. At Café Britt, we pride ourselves on perfecting this balance, crafting medium roasts with alluring aromas and a melding of strong flavors and light acidity.

Why Medium Roast Coffee?

The medium roast is the halfway point between light roasts and dark roasts. Light brown in color, medium roasted beans have little to no oil on the surface. They are characterized by a denser body than light roasts, without the stronger, chocolaty flavor of dark roasts.

When creating a medium roast, green coffee beans are roasted until they begin to caramelize. The longer roasting time allows the beans time to expand and develop the intense aromas and flavors that make this roast so popular.

Regional Coffees in Medium Roasts

Colombia: Our Colombian Nariño Volcánico blend includes the best coffee beans from the Nariño mountains on the coast of Colombia. Nariño coffee farmers are known for their painstaking attention to detail, a trait that is evident in every taste of this sophisticated blend. The noticeable acidity and balanced body create a well-rounded drink. Costa Rica: Many Costa Rican coffee beans are well-suited to medium roasts, with a wonderful balance of regional difference and aromatic goodness. We have chosen a medium roast for most of our Province blends, such as Guanacaste, Heredia, San José, and Alajuela. This roast allows the beans’ differences to truly shine through, turning your daily cup into a cultural journey.

Peru: The word “Pachamama” translates to “Mother Earth" in Quechua, the most widely spoken indigenous language in the Americas. Our Peruvian Pachamama Organic coffee does honor to its name with organically certified growing methods that preserve the natural vegetation of the region and maintain a sustainable water source. The all-natural growing process produces a full-flavored beverage with a refreshing, woody aroma.

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