Medium Roast Gourmet Coffes

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Costa Rican Habitat Blend


Costa Rican Organic

Costa Rican Poas whole bean coffee

Costa Rican Poas Tierra Volcanica

Costa Rican Tres Rios whole bean coffee

Costa Rican Tres Rios Valdivia

Peruvian Pachamama ground coffee

Peruvian Pachamama Organic


Guatemala Medium Dark Roast Antigua


Guatemala Medium Dark Roast Atitlan


Costa Rican Medium Roast Guanacaste


Costa Rican Medium Roast Heredia


Costa Rican Medium Roast San Jose


Costa Rican Medium Roast Cartago


Costa Rican Medium Roast Alajuela

Colombian Narino whole bean coffee

Colombian Narino Volcanico

Colombian Pitalito Lamboyano whole bean coffee

Colombian Pitalito Laboyano

Colombian Quimbaya whole bean coffee

Colombian Quimbaya


Meet in the Middle

The medium roast is the perfect halfway point between light roasts and dark roasts. Lightly brown in color, medium roasted beans have no oil on the surface. They are characterized by a denser body than light roasts, without the stronger, chocolatey flavor of dark roasts.

Medium roast beans are roasted until they begin to caramelize. They may display some oil on the surface, but do not get as shiny as dark roasted beans. The longer roasting time allows the beans time to expand and develop the intense aromas and flavors that make this roast so popular.

Our Columbian Narino Volcanico flavor blends the best beans from the Narino mountains on the coast of Colombia. Narino coffee farmers are well known for their painstaking attention to detail, a trait that is evident in every taste of this sophisticated blend. The noticeable acidity and balanced body create a well-rounded drink.

The Costa Rican Organic single-origin blend is grown in the Brunca region. Famous for its biological habitats, the Brunca region is full of vegetation, volcanic soils and natural shade. These conditions allow coffee beans to thrive. These organic beans showcase hints of apple, an earthy aroma and a pleasant aftertaste.

Britt's Peruvian Pachamama Organic translates to "Mother Earth" in Quechua, a language spoken in Peru. This blend is grown in the Convencion Valley under the shade of trees. Organically certified growing methods preserve the natural vegetation of the region and maintain a sustainable water source. The all-natural growing process produces a full flavored drink emphasizing the smell of the great outdoors.

Cafe Britt makes trying out these exotic blends easy, by making them easily available online and through our subscription program. The subscription program gives you the ability to test a variety of blends and flavors on a regular basis, and online ordering makes it easy to get these blends to your home in a timely manner.

The best medium roasted coffee allows the natural flavors of the bean to shine and achievers a balance between aroma, acidity and flavor. At Britt, we pride ourselves on perfecting this balance. Featuring alluring aromas and a melding of strong flavors and light acidity, medium roasts are the perfect compromise between light and dark blends.

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