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Costa Rican Tarrazu whole bean coffee

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Peruvian Valle Sagrado

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Brazil Medium Dark Roast Sul de Minas


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As coffee-drinking culture has evolved, coffee drinkers have developed more and more specific appetites. At Cafe Britt, we strive to quench these appetites by providing highly individualized beans, such as our Medium Dark Roast Coffees.

Medium Dark Roast is roasted for a few minutes more than Medium Roast.

One of the best features of Medium Dark Roast Coffee is what's sometimes called a lightly 'spicy' flavor. These blends have a tangy chocolate taste, but are not quite as strong as a Dark Roast.

Our Medium Dark Roast coffee subscription program gives you the chance to sample all the best flavors of this delicately balanced roast and online ordering makes it easy to see all the flavor options available.

Britt's Costa Rican Fair Trade blend is purchased from a farm in the Brunca region. ASPOROLA, a group of women dedicated to using sustainable, environmentally-friendly growing practices in all aspects of their business.

This plantation meets international Fair Trade working condition and compensation standards. By purchasing this blend you not only invest in full- bodied coffee with an outdoor aroma, you invest in the lives and work of the women who grow it.

To commemorate our 30th anniversary we created a Medium Dark Roast blend that combines three varieties of beans from three different regions of the country. Designed by our master cupper, Dona Carmen, the mix features unique flavor elements such as mandarin, cinnamon and dark chocolate.

The Costa Rican Tarrazu Motecielo Blend hails from the #1 coffee-growing region in the country. The small valleys and high altitude of this region make it ideal for growing Arabica beans. We have spent years building relationships with growers in the region, allowing us prime pick of Tarrazu's best beans. For our Medium Dark Roast blend we allow the carmelized sugar to rise, highlighting the chocolate taste and smell of the bean.

Our Merito line of coffees honors excellence in all stages of the coffee growing process. One of our best Merito blends is the Merito San Juan, a black honey coffee grown at the Micro Beneficio San Juan. This Single Lot coffee is processed in one building, allowing the dedicated team at the Micro Beneficio to personally oversee every step of the brewing process. The result is a complex and uniquely flavored coffee.

The balanced nature of Medium Dark Roast coffee has given it the reputation of being the perfect beverage to drink after a meal. The dense body, wide range of flavors and rich acidity make this a must-try roast for coffee lovers.

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