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Lighter roasted coffees are popular among many for their ability to preserve the subtleties and nuances of the specific region they were grown in. Featuring calm and balanced flavors, Light Roasts are the perfect way to start your day.

Green coffee beans are soft with almost no flavor or aroma. At a certain temperature when beans are roasting they begin to 'crack'. Generally, light roast beans are those not roasted beyond the first crack. Because the first crack usually only takes minutes to occur, roasters must keep a watchful eye on the beans.

The most basic way to describe light roasted beans is that they have been put under the least amount of pressure. They exhibit a light brown coloring with no oil on the surface. Because they are not subjected to harsh roasting, these beans have a taste completely unique to the region where they were grown.

Many argue that Light Roast coffee contains the most caffeine of any type of bean because the roasting process doesn't remove as much flavor.

Colombia's rich coffee history and Britt's personal relationships with some of the best suppliers in the country allow us to offer the finest beans, lightly roasted to perfection. Made from Arabica beans grown in the lush climate of the Andes Mountains, these beans are packed with subtle flavors of citrus.

The Costa Rican Light Roast is made from a blend of Arabica beans grown in the Central and Western valleys. The high acidity of the Central Valley beans results in a strong aroma and tart taste. Hints of caramel and apricot top off this sophisticated blend.

Light roasts are the perfect companion for the French Press. The calm, even flavors of these blends combine with the delicate French Press brewing method to create a drink that is perfectly balanced without the need for milk or sugar.

The citrusy flavor in these blends means that you can skip the orange juice and reach for coffee instead. Light roasts have a much higher acidity than dark roasts giving them a more lively, energetic taste.

Most importantly, Light Roasts retain the flavors of the geographical location where they were grown. Drinking Light Roast coffee is a great way to experience culture with your caffeine.

Start your day right with Light Roast coffee.

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