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Costa Rican Dark Roast Whole Bean

Costa Rican Dark Roast


Costa Rican Dark Roast Puntarenas


Costa Rican Dark Roast Limon


Costa Rican Espresso


Costa Rican Decaffeinated

Costa Rican dark roast 2lbs whole bean coffee

Costa Rican Dark Roast Whole Bean 2 Lb

Espresso whole bean 2lb

Costa Rican Espresso Whole Bean 2 Lb


Costa Rican Decaffeinated Whole Bean 2 Lb

Colombian dark roast whole bean coffee

Colombian Dark Roast

Peruvian dark roast whole bean coffee

Peruvian Dark Roast

Peruvian decaffeinated ground coffee

Peruvian Decaffeinated


The joys of the dark side

The master roasters at Cafe Britt have spent years perfecting the art of Dark Roast coffee. Many coffee lovers prefer the strong punch that dark roasted beans offer and we are proud to offer these powerful flavors in blends from Peru, Colombia and Costa Rica. Full bodied with dense and complex flavors, Britt's Dark Roast blends are powerfully flavorful with a heady chocolate aroma.

The roasting portion of the coffee making process is arguably the most important. It is here that green coffee beans are turned into the delicious beverages we enjoy daily. The intensity and duration of the roasting has a huge impact on the taste these beans will convey. The most well known way to describe how a bean has been roasted is by identifying the color of the bean.

Dark roasted beans fall on the far end of this spectrum. These are beans that are put under so much pressure during the roasting process that oil begins to glisten on their surface. This oil gives the beans a more intense flavor than light roasted beans.

Colombia has a long and celebrated history of producing some of the best coffee beans in the world. Our Colombian Dark Roast blends the best the country has to offer by blending together a mix of flavors from the Popayan Region. The lush climate of the Andes Mountains develops hearty, intensely flavored beans.

Britt's Peruvian Dark Roast is brewed with beans grown along the ancient path that leads to Machu Picchu. The extreme weather conditions of the area harden the beans. Underneath their hard shell are strong flavors with hints of honey.

The Costa Rican Dark Roast features beans from the best coffee growing regions the country has to offer. Sweet flavors from the Central Valley complement the mild acidity offered by the Western Valley. This even balance produces the delicious smell of chocolate and perfectly embodies the flavors of Costa Rica.

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