Café Britt’s Gourmet Decaffeinated Whole Bean 2 Lb

Costa Rican Decaffeinated Whole Bean 2 Lb


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Costa Rica Decaffeinated

Know Your Coffee

Some people would argue that decaf coffee isn't even really coffee, however, we think you'll beg to differ after trying our decaf. This coffee is a special "Mezcla de la Casa" or "House Blend", which is a mix of the harder, acidic beans of the Central Valley and dense, full-bodied beans of the Western Valley, which make the perfect combination of beans for a decaf.

After purchasing the beans for this blend from local growers, we transport them to Veracruz, Mexico where they undergo the "indirect water method" decaffeination process that eliminates 99.9% of the caffeine without compromising on flavor. The beans are first 'washed' by infusing them with water vapor, and then washed a second time with the same water to restore any flavor that may have been 'lost' during the first washing. In this way, we are retaining as much of the flavor as possible, something you may not find in other decaf coffees.

At the conclusion of the process, the beans are returned to our roastery here in Costa Rica where we carefully roast the beans to bring out their optimum flavors.

Decaf blends have a reputation for being bland and plain, however our Costa Rica Decaf is anything but. Despite the dark roast required to coax the flavors out of decaffeinated beans, this blend is mild, with a light acidity. Its flavor is balanced and light-bodied, perfect for coffee drinkers who are sensitive to caffeine. Its unique aroma of seeds and dry leaves is complemented by the flavor notes of honey and clove. Perfect for enjoying on a quiet evening.

Costa Rica Central Western Valley

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Frequently Asked Questions

An unopened bag will stay fresh for one year. Once a bag of coffee has been opened, it will stay fresh for up to 6 months if stored properly.
In the short term, keeping your coffee in its original bag, sealed tight and kept in a cool and dry place is always a best practice for coffee storage. For long term, it is possible to store your coffee in the freezer, however, once removed from the freezer, store it in airtight container in a cool and dark place.
The packaging we use for our Café Britt coffees is a durable triple-ply material that protects the coffee from sunlight and oxygen. Each bag has a one-way valve that allows gases that are produced during roasting to escape and prevents any air or oxygen from entering the bag.
Don’t worry! Your coffee is fine. What you’ve experienced are the effects of subjecting our one-way valved bags to a non-pressurized atmosphere, such as the baggage compartment of an airplane. When our bags are subjected to a low-pressure environment, the gas inside the bag expands and exits through the one-way valve. A properly functioning valve won’t let the gas re-enter and “inflate” the bag as it was before. This effect preserves the quality and freshness of the coffee. Sometimes, as the coffee continues “breathing” and expelling gases, the packages may even inflate again. But it’s perfectly fine to store your coffee in these brick-hard packages until you’re ready to use them.
Strictly Hard Bean is part of a classification system for Costa Rican coffees cultivated 1200 meters (4000 ft.) above sea level. In Costa Rica, coffee plants that grow at this altitude produce higher quality beans that have a higher density that holds in the nutrients and flavor during roasting. At Britt though, we go above and beyond just offering you Strictly Hard Beans. We have our own classification system that ensures we’re buying the highest quality strictly hard beans available.

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