Octagonal Chocolate Box

Octagonal Chocolate Box

Octogonal chocolate box
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Product Description

Enjoy 8 of Cafe Britt's very best chocolate candy creations, all packed in this beautiful gift box. It includes an assortment of Café Britt’s most popular flavors. You can find chocolate covered pineapple, guava or passion fruit; chocolate covered macadamia or cashews. Of course, you can’t miss our famous fresh roasted coffee beans, all covered in creamy white or dark gourmet chocolate. So many flavors, so little time!

Costa Rica's tropical climate and scenic volcanoes produce a lush, inviting environment that lures tourists from all parts of the world. These same factors also create a nurturing habitat for growing delicious edibles including coffee, chocolate, nuts and tropical fruits .

By working with the best farmers who have generations of experience, by insisting on only the highest quality ingredients and by honing our nut roasting and candy making processes to perfection, Cafe Britt proudly offers a premium, gourmet taste of Costa Rica.

Whether as a memento of a visit, a gift for a gourmand or simply to experience the flavors of Costa Rica, the Octagonal Chocolate Box will take your palate on a tour of our lush, tropical land.


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