Journey to Origin
Journey to origin

Journey to Origin

Journey to origin: Costa Rica Oxcarts

Oxcarts: The Wheels of Costa Rica

April 2017, Wednesday

Costa Rica’s identity as a nation is closely related to our status as one of the top coffee-growing countries in the world, so much so that even one of our national symbols, the...

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The Magic of Rainy Season in Costa Rica

The Magic of Rainy Season in Costa Rica

September 2016, Tuesday

Here in Costa Rica we love the rain for many reasons, the least of which is that it’s the perfect coffee drinking weather. More importantly though, rain provides the perfect coffe...

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Meet our cupper Carmen Lidia

Meet our Cupper

September 2016, Monday

Carmen Lidia Chavarría, Café Britt’s Master Cupper, has a dream job. As Master Cupper, her main responsibility is to test the flavor of Britt’s coffee. She’s been perfecting her t...

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Blooming Season

June 2016, Wednesday

The dark red cherries dangling from coffee plants during harvest season are recognizable worldwide, but in order for these cherries to grow every year,...

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Meet our roaster Miguel Chavarría

Meet Our Roaster
Miguel Chavarria

April 2016, Thursday

Some of you may have been wondering who you have to thank for the steaming cup of gourmet deliciousness that revives your spirit each morning. Well look no further. It is our plea...

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 It’s Harvest Season in Costa Rica

It’s Harvest Season in Costa Rica

February 2016, Monday

As the winds pick up, the scent of blossoming coffee beans is swept across Costa Rica, alerting farmers that the time has come to harvest their crop. H...

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30th Anniversary

Looking Back on 30 Years: Coffee, Costa Rica, and Pura Vida

July 2015, Wednesday

Even though we don’t know the exact date of our anniversary, we do know that we turn 30 this month, and that’s a pretty big deal ...

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See why Costa Rica-grown Arabica beans make the best coffee

May 2015, Wednesday

Britt and coffee were made for each other. Our Costa Rica & Peru coffees are characterized as being bright, clean, balanced and highly aromatic.

Costa Rican beans offer ...

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The Story Behind our Fair Trade Gourmet Coffee

October 2013, Tuesday

Environmental Protection and Social Responsibility are the way we do things every day.

Café Britt has always done business around Fair Trade. Always will. All of our coffe...

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Colombia, Shakira, presidents & missing picture

May 2012, Monday

About six months ago I received an email from something called "CEO's Summit of the Americas." Attached was a...

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Costa Rica - Pura Vida Part 2

February 2012, Saturday

In December I shared my views about some of the values we have here in Costa Rica and about how these values ...

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Costa Rica - Pura Vida!

December 2011, Sunday

Costa Rica’s development must continue to revolve around respect for the environment. The country recently halted a concession for open-pit gold mining. The Supreme Court ruled th...

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You've been good. Have a Cookie!

August 2011, Monday

In fact, have four! Britt’s home-style cookies are so fresh and delicious, you’ll want to try them all. We’ve chosen our flavors and ingredients carefully to make these crunchy bi...

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The scrutiny and science of certified organics

October 2010, Sunday

Natural and earth friendly, organic coffee is grown using farming methods that maintain and replenish soil fertility without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers – that’s a bi...

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The process of a new product

April 2009, Friday

Creativity, along with communication, commitment and character are Cafe Britt's core values.

Here we are in the middle of the worst economic crisis of our lifetime, yet ...

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Crocodiles, Palm trees and Chocolate Covered Oranges

July 2008, Tuesday

Miami is called the crossroads of the Americas. It’s also known as the capital of Latin America. And for good...

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More than just the first

February 2008, Sunday

My father was from the town of Kovno in Lithuania.

He told me about a tailor shop he knew as a young man there called “Misha’s – The Best Tailor in Kov...

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Multi-origin, multi-local

October 2007, Wednesday

Café Britt now has operations in seven countries and employs over 900 people. A corporation we are. Corporate we’re not. If we had manuals and a central marketing dep...

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Food, Glorious Food

February 2007, Monday

We’ve had a restaurant at our roastery headquarters here in Costa Rica for years. Our early goals were to provide well-prepared, creative Costa Rican cooking to our guests who wor...

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A Whole New World

October 2006, Sunday

Those of us who’ve spent decades in the coffee business are still here because ...

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Coffee country blooms in Curacao

August 2006, Sunday

Café Britt has opened three, sparkling new coffee and gift stores at the Hato International Airport on the Ca...

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The Year of the Cacao Bean

December 2005, Saturday

That’s right, cocoa. True, we’ve made a name for ourselves off the coffee bean. But you really love our chocolates, too. And we’re about to give you more of them.

In fact,...

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Coffee and the Berlin Wall

October 2005, Saturday

An unexpected effect of German reunification came to me last month, as I sipped a terrible cup of coffee in a...

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Different Strokes

August 2005, Sunday

People can all get along. It does happen. And, ironically, it’s happening in Jerusalem.

I traveled to this walled city recently, not on business and not to see friends.Read more

Doing business in a new world

August 2005, Monday

When the Wall Street investment banks crashed, the world changed, but fine coffee and Read more

Café Britt opens 3 airport stores and a coffee roaster in Peru

October 2004, Tuesday

Beginning in February, Café Britt will begin roasting coffee and manufacturing chocolate in the South American city of Lima, Peru. We decided on our Peruvian venture when we won t...

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Britt’s new Cappuccino CoffeeTour features the barista’s art

August 2004, Saturday

The fifth edition of the World Barista Championship, the “Olympic Games” for baristas or coffee bartenders, took place in Trieste, Italy June 18-20.

The now yearly co...

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Capitalist opportunity in communist China

June 2004, Saturday

Brash and ready for western-style business, China feels it can do anything, and I’d have to agree with it.

I observed this invincibility for myself during a March 27 to Apri...

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Café Britt south

March 2004, Wednesday

Beginning in February, Café Britt will begin roasting coffee and manufacturing chocolate in the South American city of Lima, Peru. We decided on our Peruvian venture when w...

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18th anniversary: Café Britt Comes of Age

August 2003, Monday

1985. Oscar Arias was running as de presidential candidate in Costa Rica, conceiving a Central American peace plan that would take him to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Mikhail Gorbac...

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Expotur: Time for New Products

June 2003, Saturday

The last-minute madness that envelops Britt the week before Costa Rica’s largest tourism trade show, Expotur, was at its frenetic height this year, as our tourism,...

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The coffee crisis...!

April 2003, Thursday

Coffee prices on the worldwide commodity markets are extremely low. In fact, we are seeing the lowest levels in real terms since World War II! The simplest reason is that too much...

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From the plantation to your cup

February 2003, Monday

I’m a firm believer that your mistakes are your best learning opportunities.  Our Wal-Mart experience is one of those.

Café Britt started in 1986 as a company known ...

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Welcome to Café Britt's first e-newsletter!

December 2002, Monday

We are always looking for new avenues of communication with our clients. Many of you are already receiving our mailings, but we thought a newsletter would be a great way of lettin...

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