Escape to Monteverde

Escape to Monteverde

Friday, January 2017

Step into the clouds with a trip to Monteverde. Just a four hour drive from the Central Valley, this hidden gem is nestled in the mountains in the heart of Costa Rica and offers spectacular views, food, and learning experiences.

The biggest attraction in the area is the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. This stunning natural park sits on the continental divide and is a great place to see rare birds and plant life. When the weather is clear, you can see both the Caribbean and the Pacific coasts from the peak. There are hiking trails for every experience level and zip lining is available for thrill seekers.

Besides the incredible views, Monteverde is known for being one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. Just walking through the forest you might see monkeys, sloths, and owls. Still longing for more creatures? Don’t worry, the surrounding areas have got you covered. Check out the hummingbird gallery, butterfly garden, a serpentarium, and bat jungle to spend more time with these incredible animals.

From both towns you can set out to explore hanging bridges and take tours of local sugar plantations. Monteverde and Santa Elena. Monteverde is spread out on the road leading to the Forest Reserve, but still has plenty of hotels and cafes. Santa Elena is a bit smaller, and well known for offering views of the Arenal Volcano. From the towns you can set out to explore hanging bridges and take tours of local sugar plantations.

The Forest Reserve and surrounding areas are beautiful, but at Britt, one thing about Monteverde stands out to us above all others: coffee. Before becoming a tourist destination, the area was primarily used for growing coffee. Many of these coffee farmers still work in the region and it boasts some of the best coffee and coffee shops in the world. Try a cup in one of the cafés in town.

You can find Britt coffee at: 

  • Hotel Fonda Vela
  • Hotel El Establo
  • Pizzeria Tramonti
  • Restaurante Sabrotico

Monteverde has something for everyone to enjoy, from natural views to delicious food and adventurous activities. It's a must see stop on your trip to Costa Rica.

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