Coffee 101: Update on Jaguar Project

Coffee 101: Update on Jaguar Project

December 2017

Jaguar Blend

A few months ago, we announced the launch of our Jaguar Blend in support of jaguar conservation efforts through research and education. We are excited about the results of the program and want to share them with our customers.

As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we provided 10 Bushnell remote wildlife cameras to the Programa Jaguar del Instituto Internacional en Conservación y Manejo de Vida Silvestre (ICOMVIS, International Institute for Wildlife Conservation and Management). Equipped with video, audio, and photography capabilities, these cameras were then placed in strategic locations in Santa Rosa National Park.

Able to record both day and night, the cameras were successful in documenting the presence of a number of felines and other mammals within the park. They currently produce some 1,125,000 photos each month, providing researchers with a wealth of information crucial for effective conservation work.

Jaguar Blend

Originally founded to commemorate the historic Battle of Santa Rosa, the national park was dedicated in 1972, making it the first in Costa Rica. Located in Guanacaste province in the northwestern part of the country, Santa Rosa National Park encompasses ten different natural habitats. Its inhabitants include some 250 bird species and 115 types of mammals.

Jaguar Blend Jaguar Blend

We spoke with Dr. Eduardo Carrillo, program director, about the success of the cameras in Santa Rosa.

  • How are the cameras helping you in your jaguar conservation work?

    This [project] is important because it’s going to allow us to understand how species like jaguars function, as well as their relationship with their prey, other animals, and their habitat. All of this ... allows us to do better conservation work.

  • What is the most amazing image that was recorded by the cameras?

    We have gotten incredibly interesting images. We’ve been able to record jaguar cubs with females, for example. We’ve had three generations of different jaguars in the same photos. And we recorded a male and female mating, in front of the camera.

  • How do you see this resource impacting future research?

    It’s incredibly important, because it’s going to allow us to develop indexes in order to see the status of conservation and the health of the forests and make decisions appropriate for effective conservation.

    This project is part of a larger Britt program that supports threatened wild animals in Costa Rica. We select specific projects with NGOs and public organizations that allow us to involve our customers and employees.

Here's a hint about our next blend supporting wildlife: it's great for lazy days just hanging around!

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