The Coffee Bean Belt

The Coffee Bean Belt

July 2016


It’s impossible to consider yourself a coffee expert if you don’t know where your coffee comes from. Coffee is only grown in 75 countries around the world because coffee trees require special environments to thrive.

So Where Does Your Coffee Come From?

Almost all the coffee produced in the world is grown in the Bean Belt—a horizontal strip of land between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

The countries that fall within this area—mostly between Mexico and New Guinea—produce 20 billion pounds of coffee per year.

Why does coffee grow here?

The reason most of the world’s coffee grows in the Bean Belt is simple: it contains the environmental conditions necessary for coffee trees to thrive. These countries have a moderate climate with plenty of rain and a distinct dry season. The workers who pick the coffee plants need this dry season to harvest the cherries.

Coffee plants need plenty of shade, rain, and a lack of heat to grow. All of the countries bounded by the Bean Belt have lush, tropical climates, that perfectly provide these conditions.

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