Britt Keeps The Coffee Parchment On For Freshness

Fresh-Roasted Flavor Depends On More Than The Roast

December 2014

Unroasted coffee beans are each encased in a layer of “parchment” – a loose-fitting translucent skin. The parchment layer is kind of like “nature’s Tupperware.” It keeps the unroasted coffee beans fresh for about six months. 

When the parchment is removed, the bean is exposed to atmospheric elements that reduce its shelf life. 

The problem? The parchment layer is always removed from unroasted, green coffee before it’s exported from its countries of origin. That’s why the coffee sold even at upscale coffee bars in non-producing countries is often stale. The beans simply sit around too long before they’re roasted. 

At Cafe Britt, we store all our unroasted beans with their parchment layer intact. We strip the parchment off just before we roast. This is one more way we can ensure that every package of Cafe Britt coffee is the absolute freshest. One taste, and you’ll agree!

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