The Difference Between Espresso and Ristretto

The Difference Between Espresso and Ristretto

February 2017

Difference Between Espresso and Ristretto?

The never ending quest for the perfect caffeinated beverage requires more than just finding a great blend. It also means finding the right way of preparing this blend. One of the little tricks for finding your go-to coffee drink is to try ordering ristretto.

Costa Rica Espresso coffee

You probably already know what espresso is, but just in case you’re a coffee newbie here’s a brief overview. espresso is a strong shot of coffee prepared by quickly forcing water through coffee grounds. It has a foamy surface and low caffeine concentration. Most people consider it too strong to drink on its own, but it is used in many drinks such as flat whites and macchiatos.

Many people customize the flavor and caffeination of their beverage by specifying how many Espresso shots they would like in it. To get even more specifi, you can ask for ristretto shots.  In the simplest terms, ristretto means “restricted.” By ordering this type of shot, you are instructing the barista to limit the amount of espresso shot in your coffee.

Our preferred method:

Costa Rica Espresso coffee

You may be wondering why anyone would want to order less coffee. Isn’t more always better? In most cases, yes, but ristretto is all about quality over quantity. When less hot water is forced through the grounds, the result is a more concentrated flavor. The coffee tastes sweeter and less bitter because of the shorter extraction time.  

The moral of the story is there’s more than one way to get your coffee fix. What matters is finding the perfect drink for you. Our Espresso Roast is a great foundation for any beverage—from a latte to an Americano—and flexible enough to satisfy the taste buds of even the pickiest coffee drinker. 

Costa Rica Espresso coffee
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