Coffee 101

Coffee 101

A look into Poas

A look into Poás

May 2016, Wednesday

It’s no secret that Costa Rica produces some of the best coffee in the world, but in order for the world to first taste those coffees, we relied on P...

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Meet our master barista

May 2016, Tuesday

Those of us who haunt local coffee shops or only associate with coffee connoisseurs know the importance of baristas. It might seem obvious, but baristas are important. Like really...

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Fall in Love With Costa Rica in 10 Pictures

Fall in Love With Costa Rica in 10 Pictures

April 2016, Tuesday

1.The View From The Top Floating in the Clouds Read more

5 Reasons why Costa Rican coffee is the best

5 Reasons why Costa Rican coffee is the best

March 2016, Tuesday

We may be biased, but we think Costa Rica has the best tasting coffee you can find on planet earth. And we’re not the only ones. People travel from far and wide to experience the ...

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Brew Coffee the Costa Rican Way

February 2016, Tuesday

If you just visited Costa Rica and bought a chorreador or if you’re looking for a way to amp up your coffee drinking routine this article will tell you...

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5 ways you’re destroying your coffee

5 mistakes every coffee lover makes. And how to solve them.

February 2016, Friday

We’ve been in the coffee growing business for over three decades and have learned some things in the process that we’d like to share with you. Hopefully, you can benefit from the ...

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How to Fake a Cappuccino

How to Fake a Cappuccino

September 2015, Tuesday

We’ve all experienced that lethal combination of desperate cappuccino craving and stubborn laziness. We want a cappuccino. But we don’t want to go out. And unless you ...

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Coffee Vocabulary

Coffee Vocabulary

September 2015, Monday


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Merito Cosecha de Mujer

August 2015, Monday

We are excited to announce our recently formed partnership with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA), an organization ded...

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A Newbie's Guide to the Flat White

August 2015, Friday

Where did the flat white originate?

The origins of the flat white are a hotly debated topic. Traditionally, Australia has taken credit for ...

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Merito San Juan

July 2015, Friday

Merito Micro Beneficio San Juan is a “Black Honey Coffee”, named for the unique processing technique that results in one of the most complex and unique...

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Pablo Vargas CEO Cafe BrittPablo Vargas CEO Cafe Britt

Welcome To The New Britt website

June 2015, Tuesday

I am excited to welcome you to the New Britt website.

At Britt we are always working to serve you and provide the best experience p...

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Honey Processed Coffee: What makes it so special?

June 2015, Monday

We coffee lovers are always on the lookout for the best coffee drinking experience and for the last ten years, coffee growers in Costa Rica have been pu...

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Merito La Cuña

June 2015, Monday

The Navarro Valverde family has been working in the coffee farming industry for over three generations. The patriarch, Don Ismael, started growing cof...

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A look into the Tarrazú Coffee Region

May 2015, Tuesday

Even though this little country can fit into the state of Texas approximately 13 times (read: it’s pretty small), Costa Rica’s reputation for producing...

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Britt Poás Coffee

May 2015, Monday

Standing on the rim, visitors often smell the sulfur in the air, which at times has proven to be acidic enough for the park to close. It is from this crater that the effects of ac...

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Fresh-Roasted Flavor Depends On More Than The Roast

December 2014, Tuesday

Unroasted coffee beans are each encased in a layer of “parchment” – a loose-fitting translucent skin. The parchment layer is kind of like “nature’s Tupperware.” It keeps the unroa...

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Drink Coffee and be Healthy

December 2013, Friday

The fifth edition of the World Barista Championship, the “Olympic Games” for baristas or coffee bartenders, took place in Trieste, Italy June 18-20.

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Colombian Coffee FAQs

October 2013, Thursday

We always roast at the country of origin. Why?

Café Britt roasts coffee in the country where the coffee beans are grown. This further supports the coffe...

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Heritage Blend: Why We Love Coffee

October 2012, Wednesday

Being involved in developing a new product, especially the testing and approval part, is one of the special p...

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Coffee in Bloom!

May 2012, Tuesday

This time of year represents a brief but beautiful stage in the lifecycle of our beloved coffee plant. For just a few short (days), the plant reveals its delicate white blossoms. ...

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No need to cut out coffee for a healthy 2014

December 2011, Sunday

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Fun facts about our favorite products

November 2011, Monday

Two-nation sensation

The French were the first to create a crude espresso machine. The Italians the...

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Debunking coffee’s bad rap

October 2011, Friday

Recent studies have generally found no connection between coffee and increased risk of cancer or heart disease, so why did everyone used to think coffee was less than healthful?Read more

It’s been a good year for coffee!

October 2011, Friday

Rainfall in the right amounts and at the right time has contributed to a Costa Rican coffee harvest that was more than 13 percent larger in 2011-2012 than the previous year’s crop...

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Stay alert by drinking smaller cups of coffee all day

October 2011, Friday

Does coffee help you wake up in the morning and stay alert during the day? New research reported by Harvard University suggests that you’ll stay more alert if you spread your ...

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No substitute for arabica

October 2011, Friday

Rain damage to arabica coffee crops in Columbia and Central America last year sent coffee futures soaring to a near 14-year high.

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Britt’s ‘Didactic Gourmet’: Center Harvest Coffee

April 2011, Wednesday

The special taste of “center harvest” coffee 

The coffee harvest lasts several months, but peak harvest is when coffee is at its best. Center-harvest cherries are at ...

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Gourmet Coffee and Health

April 2011, Sunday

When I'm around people who know I work for Café Britt or when we're drinking coffee, I'm often asked about coffee's effects on human health. What's interesting is that people who ...

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The future of the world’s greatest commodity: coffee

December 2010, Wednesday

As I’m writing these words I’m on a flight returning from my last business trip of the year. This time, it wa...

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It’s a New World

August 2009, Wednesday

Last year at about this time, we thought the world was coming to an end.

Markets were crashing and banks weren’t returning calls. We feared people would stop buyin...

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Born in 1991 and still fresh

June 2009, Thursday

We’re all gourmet coffee drinkers today. We all know Arabica is the good stuff....

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Regionals or blends? It all depends

February 2009, Tuesday

People ask us about blends all the time. When we blend, we take coffees from different regions or different zones within a region and blend them together to achieve a consistently...

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The art of the cup

August 2008, Sunday

People always wonder how they should make coffee. You know all those myths about how to make the perfect cup; how much to use.

Excuse me if some of you think this is rea...

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April 2008, Tuesday

People today want assurances. They want to know that the companies they do business with protect the environment and pay their suppliers fairly.

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A lot more than coffee

February 2008, Wednesday

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To freeze or not to freeze?

December 2007, Monday

My parents in Florida have been ordering coffee from Café Britt since we began our mail-order business in 1991. That makes them our very first and still most devoted mail-o...

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The Wine of Costa Rica

August 2007, Friday

You may find that title a little odd for a column about the South American nation of Chile, but Chile is something of an anomaly today, anyway.

We set out late last year...

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The Finns and their twins

June 2007, Sunday

The Finnish National Museum in Helsinki has an entire room dedicated to coffee. That would surprise just about anyone who hasn’t spent the last few decades working in the co...

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The darker the better?

April 2007, Tuesday

Deep, rich, robust… These are words that we’ve come to associate with a quality, gourmet coffee that is, of course, dark roasted.

But did you know that a da...

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Coffee beyond the drug in the mug

December 2006, Sunday

Our customers know a lot more about coffee than they did 20 years ago. The whole world does.

The espresso revolution has made household words out of “double shot,” “latte” a...

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Let’s hear it for the National Parks

June 2006, Saturday

Have you ever felt the steamy embrace of a virgin rainforest? Or observed from a pristine beach as scarlet macaws peer down at you inquisitively from atop a stand of almond trees?...

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Big Awards, Even Bigger Honors

February 2006, Friday

The past few months have been particularly gratifying for Café Britt, both in Costa Rica and Peru.

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Yes, coffee really is good for you (especially ours)

June 2005, Tuesday

I spent a week in May at a yoga camp in Tolum, Mexico, south of Cancun. Amid a large group of others there for peace, nutritious meals and exercise, I came to realize how health-c...

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Green or red?

April 2005, Wednesday

“You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black.” Henry Ford’s infamous quotation about his revolutio...

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Welcome news for coffee producers

February 2005, Wednesday

Some welcome good news for Arabica producers. After five years of very tough times, the world’s producers of high-quality Arabica coffee are starting to make money again.Read more

Of Wine And Coffee

December 2004, Monday

Coffee tasters, aka “cuppers” have a specialized vocabulary which works very well when they communicate among themselves.

For example, for a cupper, “highly acidity” is...

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Free Trade

April 2004, Sunday

Costa Rica has joined its Central American counterparts in signing CAFTA, a free trade agreement with the U.S.

If the agreement remains true to its entrepreneurial spiri...

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In the Year of Coffee – B.E. and A.E.

February 2004, Monday

Café Britt got into the espresso business in the mid 1980s. In all of Costa Rica there were probably three espresso machines at the time.

I decided that we’...

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Adding Value to Our Coffee

December 2003, Wednesday

A gradual transition is taking place in Costa Rica toward a freer-trade-based, more complex economy that’s adding value not only to coffee and other agricultural products, but to ...

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Southern Comfort: Small Growers Confront Crisis

October 2003, Monday

On a recent coffee-buying trip through Costa Rica’s remote Southern Zone I came across two dynamic examples of growers’ cooperatives whose “can do” attitude; focus on quality and ...

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