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The round, crunchy macadamia: From the land down under to the world 

Its texture and crunch adds extraordinary flavor to cookies, cakes, breads and candies. But did you know that Australian aborigines were the very first to savor the delectable macadamia nut? 

These nut-bearing trees grow wild in the rainforests of southeast Queensland, but only two of the nine known species are edible. The others are poisonous or otherwise unpalatable.

 Australia remains the world’s leading exporter, but very fine nuts are also grown in tropical climates worldwide, including Costa Rica, Hawaii, Brazil and South Africa. 

Café Britt makes it easy to sample the finest of these nuts. One taste of our cookies, brittle and chocolate-covered versions of whole macadamias and you’ll discover why this is such a coveted nut, worldwide.

 Feeling chilly? Pull up your cappuccino!

 A “cappuccino” is coffee topped with steamed milk. Its appearance inspired its name. The word “cappuccino” comes from the 16th century Capuchin order of Italian friars, whose hoods were called “cappuccinos.”

 So, whether you’re pulling one up over your ears to stay warm or savoring one slowly, sip by sip, a cappuccino is a great way to beat a chill. Café Britt can help you with the drinkable kind! Our dark- and light-roast gourmet coffees produce outstanding cappuccinos with enough regional varieties and blends to make each morning cup an adventure.

  The things you could buy with chocolate

 Cacao, the base ingredient of chocolate, originates in Latin America where it was so coveted by the Maya that it was used as currency. Ten beans could buy you a rabbit. One hundred could buy a human slave! Their value even gave rise to early scammers, who carved counterfeit beans out of clay!

 But there’s no need to worry about what you’re getting with Britt. Our premium chocolates enhance the flavors of tropical nuts and fruits.


One hot commodity

Coffee is second only to petroleum as the world’s most-traded commodity. Worldwide coffee production exceeds 6 million metric tons. Inclement weather has affected harvests in many of the world’s biggest coffee-producing countries this growing season. World prices, especially for the high-quality Arabica bean – the only variety grown in Costa Rica – have been especially affected.

The reduced supply has pushed world market prices for coffee to a more than 10-year high. Last year, alone, the commodity price per pound of Arabica coffee increased nearly 54 percent. This means that everyone will have to pay a little more for coffee this year. Take advantage of Café Britt gourmet flavor to make the most of your purchase!

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