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The special taste of “center harvest” coffee

The coffee harvest lasts several months, but peak harvest is when coffee is at its best. Center-harvest cherries are at their sweetest, fullest and most ripe. It’s no wonder that center-harvest coffee is the best you can buy.

Our Britt Tarrazu varietal coffee is an example of coffee purchased at peak harvest. We pay above-market prices from a group of small farmers who are known for the quality of their crops. You’ll taste the difference!


The accidental cookie

Ruth Graves Wakefield, owner of the Toll House Inn restaurant in Whitman, Mass., accidentally invented the chocolate-chip cookie in 1930.

The restaurant was very popular and featured family-style cooking with home-baked cookies for dessert. Wakefield is said to have been making chocolate cookies one day when she ran out of baker’s chocolate. In a pinch, she substituted broken pieces of semi-sweet chocolate from Nestlé, thinking that it would melt and mix into the batter. But the chips held their shape, and the chocolate-chip cookie was born. Wakefield sold her recipe to Nestlé in exchange for a lifetime’s supply of chips. That’s why her recipe appears on each bag of Nestlé chocolate chips.

You don’t have to bake your own cookies to get that home-baked flavor. Café Britt’s home-style chocolate chip cookies are one of four varieties. We also have chocolate, coffee and macadamia. Try them all!

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