Colombian Dark Roast Gourmet Coffee

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Cafe Britt Colombian Dark Roast deep, complex coffee blend combines premium Arabica coffee beans from the finest growing regions in Colombia. The beans are carefully roasted bringing their natural oils to the surface and creating an exceptional flavor that is both smooth and creamy with a robust body.


Coffee Connoisseur

Colombian culture is steeped in a long tradition of coffee growing. Known to produce some of the best coffee in the world, Colombia’s history with this celebrated drink dates back to the 17th century. Today, more than 500,000 farmers grow coffee across the region. We work directly with the best suppliers to provide you the finest Colombian coffee available.

The rich soil, arid climate, and high altitude of the Andes Mountains running through the center of Colombia provide the perfect atmosphere for cultivating the Arabica bean. We buy only the most pristine beans from local coffee farms and transform them into an unrivalled taste experience.

Smooth and creamy with a robust body and deep, complex flavor, our Colombian Dark Roast pairs well with decadent desserts and hearty breakfast foods. Each cup exudes energy—from its penetrating aroma to the intense, satisfying taste. As you savor the invigorating flavors, imagine yourself on a morning stroll through broad, scenic valleys hugged by the Andes Mountains.

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