Coffee in Bloom!

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This time of year represents a brief but beautiful stage in the lifecycle of our beloved coffee plant. For just a few short (days), the plant reveals its delicate white blossoms. The flowers have five white petals and grow in clusters along the thin branches. The soft-looking, delicate clusters of flowers look especially pretty juxtaposed to the plant’s large, shiny, green leaves. 

If you are lucky and find yourself close enough to bury your nose in a coffee plant’s flowers, you will find a less famous but equally intoxicating aroma of coffee. The fragrance is reminiscent of gardenia or jasmine. Walking through rows of blooming bushes on a coffee plantation with the warm sun on your face is a memorable experience and the opportunity is fleeting.

 This period of showy is quickly passed and though we are sad to see the flowers go, it is with great anticipation that we await what comes next. With just one hard rain, the delicate petals will all fall, leaving the xxxx that will become the coffee cherry over the coming months.  

We will continue to send share updates from our plantation, all the way through eventual harvest. Who knows, the plant in this exact photo may be the one that yields the beans that travel all the way into your cup. 

Café Britt sells coffee directly from its origin where it is roasted, packed and shipped directly to customers who order online at

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