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A helping hand ‘To Go’ 

Café Britt has partnered with the Costa Rica Humanitarian Foundation to create useful tote bags out of recycled Britt packaging. At the same time, we’re creating an opportunity for a group of entrepreneurial women. 

Britt’s “To Go” tote bags are sewn by women from the impoverished community of La Carpio in San José, Costa Rica. The women formed a cooperative. Britt donated the equipment and design expertise to get them started. 

“We began to work with women in small business enterprises and have created, along with them, 8 different informal cooperatives. The Café Britt cooperative was started two years ago when Steve Aronson asked if I knew women who can sew.  His idea was to make shopping bags in which buyers at the BrittShop could put their purchases...” remembers the project coordinator, Gail Nystrom. 

This successful project gives the women a support system and much-needed extra income, as they work close to home, caring for their children. They produce a useful, attractive bag that Britt is selling in its stores. And together, we’re reducing the amount of post-packaging waste that could otherwise end up in a landfill. It’s been a win for everyone!

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