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Company wide actions celebrate the Earth

Earth Day is more like Earth everyday at Café Britt and our gift store subsidiary, Britt Shop. Ecological practices drive our business, contribute to our success, and have become as much a part of the Britt brand as gourmet coffee and chocolate.

When the big day rolls around every year, we both celebrate our success and reflect on how we can improve even more. Being a pioneer is easy. Maintaining our position as an industry leader takes constant innovation.

Our production processes have long operated according to international standards for environmental protection. Today, even the smallest detail, like the disposable, totally biodegradable coffee cups we use for coffee tasting in our stores and around the roastery, are designed with the Earth in mind.

We work with a small women’s group in one of San José’s underprivileged communities to turn our damaged, post-production coffee packaging into useful tote bags. This is important, because this packaging is not otherwise recyclable.

Our employees volunteer their time at a host of community cleanups and tree plantings. Our experts work with organic coffee growers and our small and medium-sized producers to maintain quality and preserve biodiversity. Britt’s executives have helped found and volunteer their time with non-governmental organizations that are working to sustain Costa Rica’s national parks, reduce water use and maintain a healthy community. We’ve even pitched in to help rebuild a school in earthquake-damaged Haiti.

From the LED light bulbs we use in our stores to our trash recycling and sustainable milling practices, Britt works hard to create a consciousness that Mother Earth matters. It’s the best way we know to provide you with gourmet products that you can not only enjoy, but also feel good about.   


Brushstrokes inspire pride and tradition

The community of Santa Lucía de Heredia now has a colorful mural thanks to the efforts of Café Britt’s employees and local school children who worked together with the groups ASART and Ecological Patrols.

More than 60 people set aside April 1 and 2 to help draw and then paint the mural, entitled “My Town’s Celebrations.” It depicts the cultural traditions of Heredia Province.

Hip, hip hooray for a good effort and a great cause!

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