Cuisine and Traditions

Cuisine and Traditions

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Known as the creator of modern Costa Rican cuisine, Isabel Campabadal has more than forty years of experience as a chef. As one of the country's foremost culinary experts, she has served as an ambassador at international food festivals for over twenty years.

When creating Costa Rica: Cuisine and Traditions (Cocina y tradición), Chef Campabadal returned to her country's traditional culinary roots. Nominated for a Gourmand World Cookbook Award, this bilingual publication offers seventy recipes divided by the activities and celebrations at which Ticos enjoy them. Chapters include Christmas, trips to the beach and the mountains, Carnaval in Limón, and day-to-day recipes.

This unique layout, accompanied by colorful, enticing photos, makes Costa Rica: Cuisine and Traditions equally appealing both to those who love cookbooks and those who love to cook.

Whether you're a fan of international cookbooks or you just miss the gallo pinto you had when visiting Costa Rica, you will definitely enjoy Chef Campabadal's love note to her native country's culinary traditions.


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