About Products

How’s Cafe; Britt different from the coffee you find in your local store?

Coffee country is our country. At Café Britt, we work and live in the countries where our coffees are grown. We know our farmers personally. Their plantations combine an optimum mix of high altitude, volcanic soil and climate for growing the very finest coffee cherries. We work closely with our growers to ensure environmental sustainability. We roast our coffees slowly and in small batches for perfect results. We don’t add additives to enhance the flavor; it’s all this nurturing that makes nature taste and bring out its best. As you see, we can track and are involved in every step of coffee production. The result We invite you to experience the difference for yourself!

How much caffeine do your products have?

Caffeine is a natural component of coffee beans. A regular 8 oz cup of brewed coffee can have 65-121 mg of caffeine.

Interestingly enough, decaf coffee is not completely decaffeinated. It is 99.9% caffeine free. So the same 8 oz cup of brewed decaf coffee will have just about 0.03% caffeine or about 0.2-0.4 mg.

Our coffee candy creations also have a bit of caffeine in them. There is approximately 0.89 mg of caffeine per each 5 g of our chocolate covered coffee beans. And our coffee candy chews have approximately 0.04% caffeine in each piece.

Do you have Kosher products?

Yes. All our Costa Rica coffees are certified Kosher.

Why are Britt chocolates so sensitive to heat?

We prepare our chocolates in the purest way and do not add preservatives. This makes them more sensitive to heat. We take every precaution to ship them so they arrive at your door in perfect condition, even during the warmest summer months. Britt chocolates are best if stored at temperatures between 64- 72° F (18-22° C). If for any reason your chocolates arrived melted. Please contact us immediately.

If I want a gift that’s not in your site, can you make a personalized gift option for me?

For sure! We can create the ideal gift options according to your tastes, needs and budget. Our gift specialist will work with you to identify that perfect solution for an impeccable impression. We can add special personalization options or personalized cards. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you make the most of your corporate gifts or big event.

Do you have gifts for weddings or wedding favors?

We can create options for your special day according to your needs, including special bundles, wrappings and tag personalization. Please contact us and a gift specialist will assist you in finding the ideal keepsake. Personalization takes a bit of time so please allow at least 3 weeks for production and delivery before the big date.

What is that valve in your coffee packages for?

The packaging we use for our Café Britt coffees is a durable triple-ply material that protects the coffee from sunlight and oxygen. Each bag has a one-way valve that allows gases that are produced during roasting to escape, and prevents any air or oxygen from entering the bag.

How should I store my coffee?

If you have whole bean coffee, we recommend you to put the unopened bags in the freezer; once you open a bag put it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. If you have ground coffee, you can keep it in a dark cool place, like a pantry; and just like the whole bean, once you open a bag put it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. In both cases, once you open it, never take the coffee out of the bag. Put the whole thing in the container. 

What is that number on the bottom of the bag?

Each bag of Cafe; Britt coffee contains a unique batch ID number that tell us the exact date and time the coffee was roasted, the temperature at which it was roasted and the actual lot or coffee farm it came from. As you can see, we can track each bag right to the plantation it came from.

Why have my coffee bags become hard as bricks during my flight?

Don’t worry! Your coffee’s fine. What you’ve experienced “the hard way” are the effects of subjecting our one-way valved bags to a non-pressurized atmosphere, such as the baggage compartment of an airplane. When our bags are subjected to a low-pressure environment, the gas inside the bag expands and exits through the one-way valve. A properly functioning valve won’t let the gas re-enter and “inflate” the bag as it was before. This effect preserves the quality and freshness of the coffee. Sometimes, as the coffee continues “breathing” and expelling gases, the packages may even inflate again. But it’s perfectly fine to store your coffee in these brick-hard packages until you’re ready to use them.

Can I buy Café Britt Coffee Liqueur by phone or online?

Import regulations for alcoholic beverages and spirits currently prevent us from selling our Coffee Liqueur through our mail order program, either by phone or Internet. We invite you to visit our stores were you’ll be able to sample and purchase this sought-after drink.

What is Strictly Hard Bean or SHB?

Strictly Hard Bean is part of a classification system for Costa Rican coffees cultivated above 1200 meters (4000 ft.) above sea level. In Costa Rica coffee trees that grow at this altitude produce higher quality beans that have a high density that holds in the nutrients and flavor during roasting.