About our stores

Where can I find a Café Britt store?

We have stores in most major tourist destinations in Costa Rica, as well as Peru, Chile and the Caribbean. We also have 2 stores at the Miami International Airport. For a full list and specific locations, click here to access our store locator.

Can I purchase Café Britt locally in the USA?

We currently have 2 retail stores at Miami International Airport where you will find all our coffees and Florida chocolate-candy creations. Plus, your favorites are always available via our easy online ordering and can be shipped almost anywhere in the US or the world!

I saw an item in your store, how can I get it?

If you were in a rush, wanted something but didn’t have the time to get it, don’t worry! Please contact us and we’ll do our best to find it. Please describe the item or, if possible, give us the item’s code number. We’ll do our very best to accommodate and have it shipped to your door.

Can I buy in your store and have that shipped to my home?

You sure can! We know what it is to do yoga on your suitcase the night before leaving so that everything you want and bought can fit. But there’s no need to do that with our “Ship it” service. You can:

  • Buy a specific item in our store and have it shipped
  • Fill out an order form and have the freshest coffees, chocolates or nuts delivered right to your door
  • Shop online and never run out of your caffeine supply! Everything you want will be there in no more than 7 business days