Grupo Britt turns 25 with a celebration of Mexico!

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Grupo Britt launched operations in Mexico June 19 by opening eight stores in the Mexico City International Airport (AICM). We’ve also opened a coffee-roasting plant and chocolate factory at the tourism mecca of Cancun in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

This is an important step in our history. We’ve chosen select coffee beans from some of the best growing regions of Veracruz and Chiapas. Very soon, you’ll be able to buy these fine coffees on line.

Mexico is a fascinating country. With 111 million people, it’s the most populous Spanish-speaking nation on earth and home to several pre-Hispanic cultures that have enjoyed the benefits of cacao since their ancestral times. We’ve built on those same benefits by offering our own line of Mexican chocolate products.

When we at Britt decided to branch out into Peru six years ago, we launched an effort to become more international. It has made us a more competitive company, capable of satisfying a customer base that each day becomes more diverse.

Today, we have stores in seven countries and have discovered the gourmet coffees of Peru and Mexico. These join our already classic line of fine Costa Rican coffees.

We’ll continue to develop new offerings from the coffee and chocolate of these three countries. And as we do, you’ll be even more likely to discover our Britt products as you travel to prime tourist destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

I recently gave a presentation about Britt’s experiences at a conference in Peru hosted by the American Chambers of Commerce in the Americas. Here, as in many places I’ve spoken about Britt, I’ve discovered that our efforts aren’t going unnoticed. Many today have noted our success in operating and developing new products in countries throughout the region and generating knowledge and investment among nations. They view us as a model for fostering regional development.

Britt’s business model has generated many positive, secondary benefits. We’ve given our support to more than 800 artisans throughout the region and more than 1,000 families of small and medium-sized coffee farmers. They are all part of our value chain, not to mention the 1,008 employees that are now part of the Britt family.

Internationally speaking, we are still a small company, but I feel blessed to be able to work in an honorable, modern and competitive business that promotes the development of the people we work with and the communities where we do business.

¡Qué viva México!


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