A win for everyone: Working together to reduce the amount of post-packaging waste

On the social side, Café Britt has partnered with the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation to create tote bags out of recycled Britt coffee packaging. Such initiative has benefited a group of women in La Carpio, a high risk community with social and economic challenges on the outskirts of our capital, San José. Britt has provided seed capital, equipment and training to get these women starting making useful tote bags from remaining post-production Café Britt Coffee packaging materials.

We’re always looking for new ways to reuse and recycle our packaging while helping the community. This program does just that; gives Britt an attractive bag made out of recycled material while giving these women a stable source of income to help improve their living conditions. This way they can have a much-needed extra income, working close to home while caring for their children.

These bags are currently available in our Britt Shops located in various airports around the world. Each includes a tag that describes the project’s history and how these bags are changing the lives of these heads of household. 

If you’re ever around in any of these airports, please stop by and take a look at these beautiful hand-made tote bags filled with their life changing stories that these women have made for you to enjoy.


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